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Our First Responders Tackle a Tennessee Horse Cruelty Case

On July 31, 2014, American Humane’s Animal First Responders were immediately called to the scene during a law enforcement seizure in Lauderdale County, Tennessee to rescue six horses in a heart wrenching case of alleged animal cruelty.

The emergency animal rescue team, along with veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Dunlap of Dunlap Equine Services, worked with incredible precision to save the lives of these horses, some of which were so horribly malnourished that they required IVs and oxygen before the teams could even leave the property where the seizure was conducted.

In the field, Scooter, one of the six horses in his equine family, was by far was the absolute worst. He, along with several others were in critical condition – and Dr. Dunlap was diligent in providing swift expert medical treatment to help save them. However, there was still a huge problem. Scooter needed more than just IVs and oxygen – he couldn’t even stand up.

The team of first responders once again sprang into action – putting trucks into position, carefully preparing straps, all the while providing comfort to poor Scooter whose life remained in the balance. Justin Scully, former National Director of American Humane’s Emergency Rescue Program, held Scooter’s head while the team prepared to slowly lift Scooter to his feet so they could load him onto a transport trailer and then immediately rush him to an undisclosed emergency shelter for further intensive care.

The emergency first responders’ work didn’t stop in the field, and quite frankly this effort was only just beginning. Back at the emergency shelter the teams ran a 24/7 critical care unit along with Dr. Dunlap.

The six horses were far from out of the woods, and the teams continued to provide intensive care to these precious animals. From cleaning stalls, to providing lifesaving intervention including blood transfusions and hand-feeding critically ill animals – the teams didn’t stop.

This emergency rescue operation would not have been possible without the help of American Humane’s caring supporters such as MARS Petcare US who helped us saved these animals’ lives in a moment’s notice.

Our first-responders are there when animals need them most

From natural disasters to animal cruelty investigations, we are on the front lines protecting animals in times of crisis.

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