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American Hero Dog: Chi Chi

Chi Chi may have lost all four of her legs, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing her joy and cheerful demeanor to people across the world. A disabled golden retriever, Chi Chi overcame all odds to give hope to those with disabilities everywhere.

Chi Chi was rescued in South Korea where she was found in a trash bag with her legs bound, worn to the bone and already necrotized. The injuries were very severe and the only way to save her life was to amputate portions of all 4 of her legs. Chi Chi was lucky enough to be brought to the United States and found a home with people who were prepared to deal with her special needs.

When Chi Chi first arrived at her new forever home, she was afraid of people, and it took time for Chi Chi’s new family to get accustomed to caring for a dog who was a quadruple amputee and required lots of additional medical care. But after adapting to her first set of custom prosthetics, her quality of life improved greatly.

Chi Chi proved she could rise above her disability and set out to share her gifts with others like her. A certified therapy dog, she exemplified resilience and forgiveness and openly shared her love and compassion in abundance. Her sweet temper and gentle spirit opened people’s hearts. They were inspired by her courage, perseverance, ability to overcome adversity and her never give up attitude.

Chi Chi still had her share of health issues and had to have an additional surgery to remove cancer tumors. A cancer survivor and a quadruple amputee, Chi Chi was a true miracle dog. It wasn’t until 2019 that Chi Chi crossed over the rainbow bridge.

When people hear Chi Chi’s story, they are motivated to face their own challenges with renewed bravery and a fresh perspective. Chi Chi brought joy everywhere she went, and her optimism spread quickly to others. She positively impacted thousands of people all over the world through her online therapy work and social media account.

Chi Chi was honored as the 2018 Therapy Hero Dog in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards. This year’s semifinalists will be revealed on May 28, 2020.

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