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American Hero Dog: Jeanie

Ounce for ounce, Jeanie is one of the most cheerful, loving dogs you’ll ever meet. Her backstory is a testament to the unending, resilient love of our four-legged friends. Or, in Jeanie’s case, three-legged.

Jeanie was rescued in rural south Louisiana, homeless and crippled. At Just 5 months old, Jeanie was a pitiful sight. A good samaritan rescued Jeanie and took her to a local veterinarian who amputated her crippled leg and gave Jeanie another shot at life.

Today, Jeanie works as a therapy dog, bringing hope and love to those who need it most. Given her history, Jeanie understands better than many what it means to be alone and afraid. With her owner Lydia, Jeanie works for the Children’s Advocacy Center, where she comforts children who are questioned by detectives in physical and sexual abuse cases, violent crimes and even homicides. Together, they volunteer at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, reading programs and veterans’ homes where Jeanie has a knack for bonding with fellow amputees.

Some of Jeanie’s most heroic moments include spending a day with traumatized elementary students who witnessed a school shooting in their classroom, helping an apprehensive child speak to officers after witnessing a murder/suicide and bringing hope to a depressed veterans’ home resident suffering from dementia.

Last year, Jeanie was honored as our 2019 American Humane Therapy Hero Dog. The search is underway for this year’s dog.

Voting on the first round of this year’s applicants begins on April 2nd. To learn more visit

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