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American Hero Dog: Lady

Dawn, who has no peripheral vision or depth perception, used to be shy and lacking in the self-confidence needed to go in public by herself. All of that changed when she found Leader Dogs for the Blind and met Lady.

Lady, a black lab, was brought to Leader Dogs for the Blind at approximately nine weeks old and underwent extensive training to help the blind or visually impaired overcome everyday challenges. On July 14, 2015, Lady and Dawn met and began a new journey together.

Now, fully trained, Lady acts as Dawn’s eyes. She is completely in tune with what Dawn needs at any given moment and helps her get to where she needs to go. Lady helps Dawn cross busy intersections safely while downtown. They go to conventions, where Dawn now publicly speaks. They attend big events and fundraisers, and travel together on airplanes. Dawn no longer must worry, “what if I won’t be able to find the gate at the airport,” or “what if I trip and fall.” Lady is always there to help ensure Dawn’s safety. They have been a team now for almost five years. Lady has given Dawn new confidence and faith in herself. The word “can’t” is no longer in her vocabulary. With Lady by Dawn’s side, it’s “yes, we can” and it’s a beautiful world. Lady is Dawn’s hero.

Last year, Leader Dog Lady was selected as the 2019 American Humane Guide/Hearing Hero Dog. Be sure to vote for this year’s winner, beginning on April 2. To learn more, visit www.HeroDogAwards.org

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