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American Hero Dog: Piglet

Piglet isn’t just Winnie the Pooh’s best friend, she is also an 8-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog. Last year, Piglet was honored as our Search and Rescue Hero Dog.

Piglet lives a life of service as a veteran Search & Rescue dog. With her handler, Lori Wells, Piglet responds to horrific circumstances and helps families through them. Piglet is trained to locate people in both land and water. When families worry they will never find closure after a loved one goes missing, Piglet can help bring them the peace of knowledge.

Once, human searchers spent 7 days combing a lake with no luck. On day 8, Piglet deployed & located the subject. She identified enough bones for the coroner to reconstruct and positively identify the individual.

Together, Lori & Piglet volunteer for hundreds of hours each year. They travel thousands of miles and all the while Piglet remains loving and playful. When she’s not working, Piglet is keen to make friends with a wagging tail, her signature smile and endless kisses.

Last year, Piglet was honored as our 2019 American Humane Search and Rescue Hero Dog. The search is underway for this year’s dog. Voting on the first round of this year’s applicants just began. To learn more visit

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