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American Humane On the Set of Academy Award-Nominated Movies

From the farm animals which inhabit dreamlike lands in Black Panther to a rock star’s pet dog waiting for him to get off the road in A Star Is Born, animals imbue the screen with emotion and enhance our experience in sublime and surprising ways. This year’s Academy Award-nominated films are no exception. In 2018, American Humane was thrilled to have protected the animals in some of the year’s most celebrated films. Here’s a list of a few of the Academy Award-nominated films and the furry actors we worked with throughout the past year:

A Star Is Born

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor (among others), this year’s hottest drama regarding a tragic rocker (Bradley Cooper) and his romance with a budding singer (Lady Gaga) took Hollywood by storm, earning over $400 million at the box office. American Humane was happy to be on set for this instant classic, making sure Bradley Cooper’s personal dog, Charlie, was treated like a prince. As expected, Bradley Cooper and Charlie were inseparable on set—which you can see from their amazing chemistry in the film!

Black Panther

American Humane is happy to report no real hippos were ridden in this year’s Academy Award nominated film, Black Panther! In fact, Black Panther’s production used horses to stand in for the hippos, which were later created with CGI. CGI hippos aside, Black Panther’s fictional world of Wakanda wouldn’t appear nearly as authentic without real farm animals. You can see them in the background of the film. American Humane was there to make sure all the chickens, goats, horses and donkeys were treated with the utmost care. And yes, No Animals Were Harmed in one of the highest grossing films of all time!

Mary Poppins Returns

This exciting sequel to the 1964 classic, with Emily Blunt taking up the role of the title character, snagged a much-deserved nomination for Best Visual Effects. Much like the original, Mary Poppins Returns is a film for all ages. With dance sequences, music and a profound lesson about the importance of family, Mary Poppins Returns includes some cute animals to boot! Taking place in Depression-era London, expect to see some horse-drawn carriages on the streets, and don’t forget about the pooch flying through the air with the rest of the cast. A visual effect, indeed!


With five Academy Award Nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor, Vice is probably the last movie you would expect to find animals throughout the film. But you’d be wrong! The controversial story of Vice President Dick Cheney’s rise to power and his reign in the White House, includes the Vice President’s dogs at home, some horseback riding, and a certain quail hunting scene (hmmm… remember that one?). We’re happy to report that Vice’s production was fantastic and No Animals Were Harmed!

Mary Queen of Scots

It would be difficult to tell the story of Scotland’s Mary Stuart and her rivalry with her cousin Elizabeth I in the 1500’s without the use of horses. Nominated for Best Costume Design and Make-up and Hairstyling, this year’s historical epic, Mary, Queen of Scots features many beautiful scenes involving horses being ridden or pulling wagons in the English countryside. American Humane is happy to report that we were on the set alongside the amazing cast and crew, making sure all the horses, chickens, goats and dogs were taken care of and production followed all our guidelines. As a result, Mary, Queen of Scots earned our highest honor, No Animals Were Harmed!

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