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American Humane’s Dr. Robin Ganzert Awarded International Conservation Prize

This week, Loro Parque, a world-renowned zoological organization in Spain, awarded its prestigious “Gorilla Prize” to Dr. Robin Ganzert, president & CEO of American Humane. Loro Parque, which has been recognized by TripAdvisor for being the best zoological institution in the world, bestowed the award upon Dr. Ganzert for her efforts to conserve endangered species and ensure Earth’s biodiversity for future generations.

The Gorilla Prize  highlights both the environmental responsibility, strategies and actions to conserve disappearing creaturesand the sustainable use of resources. The annual Gorilla Prize awards, now in their 18th year, were delayed because of the worldwide pandemic and were held at a gala on October 1 at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

For more than 100 years American Humane has been at the forefront of the conservation movement. The long and storied history of fighting to preserve precious species includes fighting to save the Bald Eagle from extinction, supporting legislation like the Endangered Species Act and advocating against the needless slaughter of wild animals.

Most recently, American Humane launched its Global Humane program, which is dedicated to helping preserve disappearing species by ensuring high, science-based standards of welfare for the millions of animals in the world’s zoos, aquariums and conservation centers that are serving as arks of hope for rare and endangered creatures. Leading zoological institutions around the world have joined this effort, including Loro Parque, which was the first in Europe to be certified.

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