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Be Kind To Animals, Always!

During the first week of May every year, millions of Americans come together to voice their concern for and improve the wellness, welfare and well-being of Earth’s animals by celebrating American Humane’s “Be Kind to Animals Week®,” the oldest commemorative week in American history!

The inaugural “Be Kind to Animals Week” occurred in 1915. In 1922, U.S. President Warren G. Harding issued an official proclamation on “Be Kind to Animals Week.” Throughout the years following, Shirley Temple, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, noted author Fannie Hurst, actor Jon Provost, Clint Eastwood and the beloved Betty White all voiced their support for the kindness movement.

Although this initiative only takes place throughout one week, there is every good reason to carry forward its noble principles throughout the year AND throughout our lifetimes.

American Humane is honored to have founded this campaign – the nation’s longest-running humane educational effort – more than 100 years ago. So too, we are delighted to now provide free, bilingual resources for school children to inspire them of the joys and responsibilities of showing humane treatment to the animals in our lives.

As good stewards of the planet, we must always be mindful that everyone has a role to play in making sure our animal companions and those with whom we share this world are treated with kindness, not just during this week’s formal commemoration of “Be Kind to Animals Week®,” but always. Let’s pledge to be aware of the needs of those who have no voice, but who enrich our lives, the environment and our globe with love.

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