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Boone, the 2021 Therapy Hero Dog

Boone may have lost his back legs, but he never stopped smiling and spreading his infectious joy to those around him.

After surviving heartbreaking cruelty as a puppy, Boone’s life changed when he was adopted by a family with a soft spot for special needs pets. His family had him fitted with a wheelchair to improve his mobility, and Boone has been a dog on a mission ever since.

Despite the challenges he was forced to overcome, Boone’s sweet nature and enthusiasm for life never quit, and his story of resilience made him a perfect fit for his new profession as a therapy dog. Boone currently lives in Butler, Pennsylvania, and inspires those around him every day to overcome the obstacles  life throws in their path.

Boone is an ambassador for the nonprofit, Joey’s P.A.W. (Prosthetics and Wheels). To date, the charity has provided mobility devices to more than 700 dogs in need. Boone and Joey’s P.A.W. hope to improve the outcome for dogs with mobility issues in shelters and rescues across the country, while also improving perceptions about their adoptability.

Boone loves his work as a therapy dog, and children light up whenever he enters the room, but he is also making a difference for pups in need across the globe. Boone is the well-deserved 2021 Therapy Hero Dog in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards. You can vote for Boone to win the top title of 2021 American Hero Dog at!

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