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Celebrate Safely With Your Pets On Independence Day

Independence Day is a fun day of celebration for us, but for our pets, it can be a scary experience that can put them at risk. July 5 is one of the busiest days of the year at animal shelters, as companion animals that fled the night before are found miles from home, lost and in need of help. Families often find themselves searching the streets and shelters for their four-legged family member who was scared by fireworks, jumped a high fence or broke free from a leash or chain.

If your pet is upset by thunder, door slamming or other loud noises, Fourth of July fireworks may be upsetting for them, so take these precautions:

  • Your pets won’t enjoy the fireworks display, so leave them at home. Keep them inside, shielded from loud noises. Keep windows closed and draw the shades to minimize sound and flashes of light. Try your best to make a space that’s safe and quiet for your pet.
  • However, if loud noises truly upset your pets, do not leave them alone while you’re out celebrating; ensure someone can stay with your pet to keep them company. If you are home, act calm and give them reassuring pets and hugs… animals look to you to see how you’re reacting.
  • Make sure ID tags are properly affixed to your pet’s collar and that the tag and their microchip have been updated to include your current contact information. This will ensure your pet can be identified should he or she escape.
  • If this is your first Independence Day with a new pet, try to stay home with them to get a sense of how he or she will react to the fireworks. That way you won’t be out having fun while your new buddy needs you.

Above all else, pay attention to your pets and make sure they are comfortable with the situation. By preparing a little bit and making sure that their needs are met, both you and your pet can have an enjoyable Fourth of July!

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