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It’s National Pet Happiness Day!

Today, in partnership with Fear Free, we are thrilled to kick off the inaugural National Pet Happiness Day! Taking place each May during American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week®, the day will promote pet happiness and pet health, shining a spotlight on the correlation between the two.

Do you have a companion animal who has continuously provided you with unconditional love and devotion every day? Our pets make us undeniably happy, and they have made all the difference during this past stress-ridden year as we dealt with the ramifications of the novel coronavirus. Now, it’s time to return the favor.

Pets deserve a special day set aside just to enrich their lives and give them joy. This National Pet Happiness Day, spend quality time with your furry best friend, and do something they love!

Pets have emotions just like humans, and to keep pets healthy both physically and mentally, pet owners must feed both the mind and body of their pets. Potential activities for National Pet Happiness Day include everything from walks and snuggles to massages, building a “catio” or setting up some agility equipment in the backyard, making or buying them food and treats or engaging them in puzzles and games. No one knows a pet better than his or her human family, and no one else can make as great a difference in their lives – only you know the best way to celebrate.

Together with Fear Free, we urge animal lovers to celebrate National Pet Happiness Day on May 6, 2021 and tell the world by sharing a photo of their happy pet on social media using the hashtag, #PetHappinesDay, and tagging @AmericanHumane and @FearFreePets.

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