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Escape from Extinction

Join our Quest to Save the World – “Escape From Extinction” Now Available On-Demand!

Who among us hasn’t experienced feeling the magic, the majesty and the wonder that animals inspire in us? And who among us wouldn’t grieve to know that those mighty, beautiful creatures who so delighted us for eons were now gone forever, never to be experienced again by us, our children or any human being?

Our fervent wish to protect and preserve Earth’s magnificent animals for all time was the driving force behind American Humane’s feature documentary, “Escape From Extinction.” Built on the knowledge, humane work and experience gained over more than 100 years, we seek to introduce a new generation to the remarkable and endangered animals with whom we share the Earth and rally the peoples of the world to protect and preserve them.

Narrated by Academy Award, Tony and Emmy Award-winner Dame Helen Mirren, “Escape from Extinction” takes viewers on a dramatic trip around the world and through time to explore the roots of the wholesale disappearance of species in our forests and oceans, described by scientists and journalists as a “Sixth Mass Extinction.” Importantly, however, the film also shows people that there is hope as animal experts, conservationists, animal scientists, veterinarians, bioethicists and others at leading zoological organizations across the globe work feverishly to pull endangered and disappearing species back from the brink.

Now, we are thrilled to share that “Escape From Extinction” is available to rent or purchase through video on demand! By making the film more widely available, we wish to educate the public on the dire need for swift, meaningful action.

The making of this 90-minute film took many years, passion and tens of thousands of miles of travel.  We now invite you not only to sit back and experience the amazing journey of life on Earth and the threats facing it, but to become actively engaged, as well, in a quest to – quite literally – save the world. Watch it on all VOD distribution platforms including Version Fios, iTunes, Vudu, FandangoNow, Microsoft and more!

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