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No Tricks, Just Treats: Keep Pets Safe This Halloween

While most of us love Halloween and the tricks and treats that come with it, for your pets, it can be an overwhelming time of year. Pets can experience high levels of stress with the hustle and bustle of people and parties. When planning for Halloween, make sure you consider the well-being of your pets and pay attention to their happiness and safety. Here are a few tips to keep everyone in your family in the Halloween spirit:


Pets in costumes are hard to beat in terms of cuteness, but be careful what kind of costume you’re putting your pet in. Avoid costumes that require a strap or tie around the neck, as these can cause choking or strangulation. Similarly, avoid costumes that drag on the ground, as they can trip your pet and lead to injury. So long as your pet can move comfortably, easily, and safely around in their costume, you and your pet should be good to go on the spookiest night of the year.


One of the best parts of Halloween is the food – candies and sweet treats as far as the eye can see. But these treats should be for people only. Human food and candy (in particular chocolate), can be harmful to dogs and other pets. Make sure that your pets don’t have access to any of it and that it’s stored out of reach of prying and curious paws. If you are planning on having a lot of food out, feed your pets before you bring it out to reduce their temptation to eat items they shouldn’t. If guests are over, advise them to not feed your pets, no matter how cute their begging faces may be.


With trick-or-treaters coming to the door and all the fun going on inside the house, Halloween presents ample opportunities for your pets to escape unnoticed and become overwhelmed amid all the excitement. To prevent accidental runaways, keep your pets inside under close watch. If they start seeming overwhelmed or get too excited, put them in a cage or secluded room in the house to allow them to calm down. Providing them with a space of their own can help your pet de-stress and get away from the energy of your Halloween bash.

This Halloween make sure the entire family is safe and happy. By following these tips, your pets will have as much fun as your kids!

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