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Nylabone Feeds Hungry Dogs Across the Country

For thousands of years, our companion animals have been our best friends in good times and bad. Now, as we face one of the worst pandemics in modern history, Nylabone is stepping up to make a difference in the lives of thousands of dogs across the country with their $20,000 grant in support of American Humane’s Feed the Hungry fund.

Shelters are swamped in the best of times – each year, some 4-6 million beautiful animals end up in U.S. shelters. Now, as coronavirus continues to plague the country and as shelter workers and pet owners alike continue to be affected by the virus, shelter animals need help more than ever. People are being forced to abandon or relinquish their pets because of illness or financial struggles, particularly in rural areas, and shelters continue to take in more animals even as their primary base of revenue, contributions and events, have dropped dramatically.

In response to the overwhelming number of calls we received from animal rescuers, shelters and first responders, American Humane launched the Feed the Hungry fund to focus on helping animal shelters and rescue organizations who are in urgent need of funds for basic necessities, such as pet food, comfortable bedding, veterinary care and litter. To date, the fund has served more than 570,000 meals to animals across the country.

Nylabone’s grant, along with their generous donation of 1,980 bones, will allow American Humane to fill thousands of additional hungry bellies.

Hank from The Farm Dog Rescue enjoys his Nylabone!

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