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Saturdays at the Sanctuary

As a first responder deploying across the nation to assist animals in need during disaster situations and cases of animal cruelty, I see firsthand the pivotal role skilled, trained and passionate volunteers play in impacting animal lives. As an instructor, I recognize the critical role volunteers serve in our team’s efforts, and nothing is more exciting than training the next generation of first responders.

American Humane is proudly first to serve animals whenever and wherever they are in need. Our emergency first-response units and team of expert staff and trained volunteers are prepared and always ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to rescue animals in danger. On March 19th, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we brought our first responder training, “Saturdays at the Sanctuary,” to our new American Humane Sanctuary for the very first time. The Sanctuary, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a rescue retreat for animals, veterans and animal advocates who seek to make a difference in the way we treat our best friends in their worst times. It is a home for those in greatest need – where people and animals alike can find help, healing and rejuvenation in beautiful, warm and welcoming surroundings.

Training attendees came from all walks of life, bringing unique backgrounds and collaborative ideas, all convening for a common cause – to learn how to impact and save animal lives. Amongst the Sanctuary’s serene surroundings, class participants received hands-on education about dog and cat behavior and proper handling techniques, how to prepare their pets and community for a disaster, and essential components of deploying as an American Humane Rescue first responder. All left feeling inspired and with a profound motivation to continue their journeys of becoming trained and skilled animal rescuers.

American Humane will be holding another “Saturdays at the Sanctuary” training session on Saturday, April 23rd, and periodically throughout the year. Please stay tuned for additional training opportunities.

Our first-responders are there when animals need them most

From natural disasters to animal cruelty investigations, we are on the front lines protecting animals in times of crisis.

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