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Sobee, the 2021 Service Hero Dog

Sobee was only two days away from euthanasia, living in an over-crowded shelter in Georgia, when she was rescued by K9’s on the Front Line and given the chance to start anew. Not only was her life saved, but she paid it forward by saving the life of Jason, a disabled combat veteran.

Jason Howe was fighting internal demons with Post-Traumatic Stress and addiction after returning home from two deployments in the U.S. Navy. When Jason was spiraling into a dark place, a friend connected him with the nonprofit that brought him Sobee. The two were paired together in 2016, and an inseparable bond was built instantly.

Sobee is trained to assist Jason with panic attacks and almost immediately, with Sobee by his side, Jason began to feel the weight lifting off his chest. Jason can now put two feet on the ground and face each day with confidence. He is no longer hiding in bed and self-medicating. He feels self-worth and can go into public places without being plagued by anxiety. Sobee is the reason Jason’s life took a turn for the better.

The two now assist other veterans. Jason started a K9s on the Front Line chapter in Missouri and has helped more than 50 veterans find their own lifesaving service dogs.

Sobee is one paw print away from being named the 2021 American Hero Dog! You can vote for Sobee until September 7 at

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