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Spread Your Wings With American Humane Certified Chicken on National Poultry Day

It’s hard not to cluck about the many ways American Humane has helped reshape the ethics behind consuming meat and eggs in the world today. Our organization, the oldest national humane organization in the country, created the first-ever welfare certification program in the United States to help ensure the humane treatment of farm animals, and the program has already changed the environments of millions of animals across the globe.

With this coveted seal of approval, consumers can rest easy knowing that the eggs, meat, or dairy they’re purchasing from the grocery store was handled ethically and met the thorough, science-based animal welfare standards established by American Humane. This includes chicken, which Americans consume a whopping 8 billion of every single year. We’re eating more fowl than ever before, and consumers want to know that the food they’re buying has been handled appropriately and humanely in the process of providing protein for millions of adults and children nationwide.

March 19th is National Poultry Day, so spread your wings this “holiday” season and make sure your chicken celebration comes from a farm that is American Humane Certified™.

If you’re looking to cook a Saturday morning omelet, confirm that the eggs you buy are from a certified provider. If you’re on the East Coast, try Alderfer Eggs, whose American Humane Certified seal helps you know that the hens who provided for you lived in a barn where they can move freely and have littered floors that encourage natural behaviors. Gemperle Family Farms has you covered on the West Coast if you’re looking to make a National Poultry Day breakfast feast on the other side of the U.S. In fact, American Humane now certifies more than 90 percent of all cage-free eggs in the country today, so finding a product with our seal of approval should be as effortless as possible for you as you shop humanely.

For poultry, try products from a producer like Springer Mountain Farms in Baldwin, Georgia, whose chickens are all raised in comfortable housing with endless supplies of clean drinking water and fresh feed to match a roaming area that is expansive and protective of both the elements and potential predators lurking nearby. Farms like Springer Mountain understand that humane treatment is paramount when handling animals in their care, and you can be sure that the chicken you purchase from them has been raised humanely.

Spread your wings and search out the American Humane Certified™ label when looking for eggs and poultry products this National Poultry Day weekend. You’ll help make a real difference, and the products you buy will be more than egg-cellent.

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