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Staff Sergeant Summer, the 2021 Military Hero Dog

Seven years ago, Sergeant Micah Jones went to Dulles International Airport to pick up his new coworker – a yellow Labrador named Summer who would be helping him search for explosives for the Amtrak Police Department.

Like him, Summer had served in the military. She had deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, where she survived firefights, sniffed out improvised explosive devices and saved countless lives.

Summer retired from the Marines Corps in 2013 and retired not long ago from her position as a Police Explosive Detection Dog at the Amtrak Police Department where she served proudly for 7 years. 11-year-old Summer is now living out her retirement with Jones in Mount Airy, Maryland, and getting the recognition she deserves.

For her extraordinary valor and service, Summer was most recently named the 2021 Military Hero Dog in this year’s American Humane Hero Dog Awards! Her other cherished medals and awards sit in a box in Jones’ home.

Summer is a sweet and playful dog, but her service tragically took a toll. She put her life on the line to protect and defend our troops, and as a result of living through so many traumatic events, she was diagnosed with canine PTS in December 2015. She copes with this diagnosis daily.

Staff Sergeant Summer is the definition of a hero, and you can vote for her to be named the 2021 American Hero Dog at! We thank this courageous canine for her service.

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