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Statement on Handsome Brook Farm

In light of questionable claims made by an organization regarding Handsome Brook Farm, we want to set the record straight.

American Humane is proud to confirm that Handsome Brook Farm is indeed in our humane certification program. The company has dedicated itself to transparency and meeting or exceeding our rigorous, science-based humane standards for pasture raising covering everything from generous space standards (108.9 square feet per hen) to proper heat, light, air quality, and nearly 200 other welfare requirements.

Every year, a team of completely independent, professional third-party auditors inspects facilities at Handsome Brook Farm to make sure they are meeting or exceeding our standards, which have been developed by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee of the world’s leading animal science experts, animal advocates, and animal ethicists.  Handsome Brook Farm has passed its audits with flying colors.

In addition to the farm audits, American Humane completed a Handsome Brook Farm packing facility audit. This on‐site audit verified that only American Humane Certified™ eggs were being packaged into cartons labeled as such. After conducting both the farm and packing facility audits, American Humane is further assured that Handsome Brook Farm’s practices align with American Humane Certified™ program requirements. We are proud to endorse a company who so diligently promotes animal welfare. Ethically driven consumers can and should proudly support this upstanding company.

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