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Supporting our Nation’s Veterans With Zoetis Petcare

Sunday, November 11 is Veterans Day—a date we thank those who have served to protect our freedoms. Today American Humane will work to help veterans, but what some may not know is the work we do all year long to stand behind our nation’s servicemembers.

To provide veterans with the assistance they’ve surely earned, American Humane provides a wide range of programs and services, including free, lifesaving help for those who continue to battle the invisible wounds of war – deadly Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). These programs and initiatives to help our nation’s veterans and military animals include the Pups4Patriots™ Service Dog Program, which rescues dogs in need of forever homes and trains them to become lifesaving service dogs for veterans with PTSD and TBI – at no cost to the veterans.

The Pups4Patriots™ program is made possible through the generous support of Zoetis Petcare, a longstanding partner of American Humane. As the exclusive animal health sponsor of the Pups4Patriots™ program, Zoetis Petcare ensures we’re able to create more incredible bonds between veterans and lifesaving service dogs, like the bond between U.S. Air Force veteran Dottie and her new service dog, Annie. Dottie tells American Humane, “Annie gives me the kind of bravery and courageousness that was lost from who I was… she is my saving grace.”

To all those who have served, we thank you. And we also thank partners like Zoetis Petcare who are supporting our programs to help veterans in need. Together, we’re committed to standing behind our nation’s servicemembers.

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