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The 2021 Hero Vet Awards Launch Tomorrow!

For millions of Americans, animals are not just our best friends, but our personal heroes, and behind every hero pet is a hero veterinarian or hero veterinary nurse. These often little-known benefactors save and improve the lives of our furry best friends every day, and now, we have the opportunity to thank them and recognize their extraordinary achievements.

Starting tomorrow, on January 27, pet owners and animal lovers alike are invited to nominate their favorite veterinary professionals for the 2021 American Humane Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse Awards™, sponsored by Zoetis Petcare! The winning veterinarian and veterinary nurse will be honored during the 2021 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®, which will be broadcast on Hallmark Channel later this fall. The Hero Vet Awards pay tribute to the very best veterinarians who are dedicated to the betterment of the health and welfare of animals and the promotion of the human-animal bond.

Dr. Katherine Polak was selected as the 2020 Hero Veterinarian. Dedicated to animal welfare, both in the United States and around the world, her work spans borders, helping animals in need, improving veterinary training, and campaigning against the most severe issues facing companion animals today.

Julie Nettifee was chosen as the 2020 Hero Veterinary Nurse. With a can-do spirit, combined with a bright and bubbly attitude, Julie has an extensive history with rescues, wildlife, animal shelter work, veterinary medicine and animal-based nonprofits including animal-assisted therapy, and she applies her passion, skills and interests to continue to benefit animals and their caregivers through her life’s work.

Both Dr. Katherine Polak and Julie Nettifee are compassionate individuals who deserved to be recognized for the amazing strides they have made in animal welfare and animal medicine. Who will follow in their footsteps and become the 2021 Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse? That’s up to you! Nominate an exceptional vet or vet nurse at! Follow Hero Dog Awards on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates, and be sure to mark these key dates in your calendar:

  • Hero Vet Awards Nominations Open: January 27 – March 24
  • 1st Round of Voting by Judges: April 1 – May 13
  • 2nd Round of Voting by Public: June 10 – July 29

Please note that all rounds open & close at 12 p.m. Pacific Time

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