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This Week, and Every Week, Be Kind to Animals

During uncertain times, traditions can bring us together and help people feel a sense of normalcy. For families across the nation, who are practicing social distancing and combating the coronavirus, routines and regular schedules have been upended. To re-connect with each other, animals, and a sense of purpose, join American Humane in celebrating this year’s “Be Kind to Animals Week®,” which runs from May 3-9.

Be Kind to Animals Week® is the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history and the nation’s longest-running humane education campaign. For more than a century, American Humane has urged individuals to do their part in building a more compassionate, caring world during this special week. During the twentieth century, Be Kind to Animals Week® picked up steam as America’s leaders got behind the humane movement, including President Warren G. Harding and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Celebrities like Shirley Temple, Betty White and John Wayne also lent their voices to the cause to promote kindness to animals.

What’s the campaign all about? It is centered on empowering children, parents, teachers and celebrities to build a better world for animals. The transformative power of the human-animal bond is at the center of what we do and it offers a jumping-off point for young learners interested in improving the world in which they live.

Families can do four things to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week.

1. Take the Kindness Pledge

I believe in kindness and compassion for all animals, and that all animals are entitled to humane treatment.

I will be kind to animals all year round by pledging to:

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2. Adopt a Pet

During this unprecedented time, many animal shelters, especially those in rural areas, are struggling to place cats and dogs into forever homes. Everyone with the capacity to do so should foster or adopt a “pandemic pet” from an animal shelter or rescue, supporting those that are struggling.

3. Commit to 365 Days of Kindness

American Humane spreads kindness each day of the year by working tirelessly on behalf of animals, but we simply cannot do it alone. Monthly support from friends like you enables us to help animals, whenever and wherever they are in need. Your generous contribution helps us rescue animals in floods, hurricanes and other disasters, work tirelessly to stop unthinkable cruelty in puppy mills, reunite our brave retired military dogs with their handlers, provide those K-9 heroes with the lifelong healthcare they deserve and so much more.

Support Our Efforts ❯

4. Show Your Support on Social Media

Be sure to use our hashtag #BeKindToAnimalsWeek to help tell the story of how you are enriching the lives of animals – and how they enrich yours!

From everyone at American Humane, we want to say thank you for being kind to animals this week – and every week out of the year.

Our first-responders are there when animals need them most

From natural disasters to animal cruelty investigations, we are on the front lines protecting animals in times of crisis.

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