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UPDATE: American Humane Service during Hurricane Matthew

With the storm over, and our whole team accounted for, American Humane can proudly thank and congratulate our first responders for a job well done.

Especially praiseworthy were the actions and risks taken last week by Jeff Eyre and his three-legged German Shepherd, Dually.  The duo leapt into action after receiving an urgent request for help from a shelter in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Though the town—near the ocean—was going to get pummeled, they followed the call, and got in harm’s way.

Jeff and Dually drove nine hours to reach the shelter. Once there, the two helped employees and volunteers prepare the shelter—home to 117 cats and 49 dogs—for the coming storm. After securing the shelter, shelter employees left to be with their families, while Jeff and Dually dug in and rode out the storm as the sole guardians of the shelter’s 166 animals.

It was a good thing they stayed. Jeff and Dually listened to pounding rain on the roof and watched through the window as howling winds shook Jeff’s F-350 truck! In fact, Matthew was strong enough to knock out the shelter’s electricity. Luckily, American Humane’s 50-foot rescue vehicle was parked outside and Jeff was able to plug in and power the facility—keeping the animals calm and from overheating.

We hope Jeff and Dually receive the appreciation and thanks they deserve for single-handedly serving so many animals in the midst of a disaster. Bravo!

(If your community is struck by disaster, you can request American Humane emergency support by calling our HQ at (800)-227-4645.)

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