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Visit a Certified Zoo this Halloween!

Staff at Brookfield Zoo, a Humane Certified™ facility, are always thinking of enrichment activities to physically and mentally stimulate the animals in their care. This week, that meant celebrating Halloween, and of course there were no tricks, just treats!

Animal care staff carved out pumpkins and other gourds and filled them with all sorts of snack item favorites from tasty mealworms for Tallulah, a tamandua, to beef bones and meat for the African lion brothers Brutus and Titus.

Halloween came early for animals at other zoos as well. Denver Zoo is hosting a “Boo at the Zoo: Storybook Safari,” where classic animal stories and fairy tales come to life with costumed characters, mythical creatures, unforgettable animal experiences and food fit for a king or queen! Zoos across the county are inviting guests to come dressed up and coordinating fun Halloween-related activities for kids. Additional zoos have stepped up their game with elaborate, thrilling decorations.

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic with no end in sight, and an election around the corner, zoos are offering a safe, enjoyable space in which to forget your worries. This is the light-hearted fun we all need. And, in partaking, you will also be supporting these institutions and their lifesaving work.

Unlike businesses that had the ability to turn out the lights, lock up the office and work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic – certified zoos and aquariums did not have those options. Animals require constant care, routine feedings, enrichment and veterinary care and, sometimes, complicated health support systems. This expert care, along with field research and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts, taking place in the nation’s certified and accredited institutions, has continued throughout the crisis despite their gates being closed to the public for a lengthy period of time. That said, they have faced a steep decline in revenue and many are in dire financial situations.

By visiting a certified zoo, you allow them to continue their impactful work for the Earth’s magnificent animals. So, this Halloween, check out how your local certified zoo is celebrating! Don’t know if a zoo is certified? Don’t be spooked! Find all Humane Certified™ facilities here: and you can rest assured during your visit that the facility meets the highest standards of animal care. Happy Halloween!

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