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Farm Animal Welfare

American Humane certifies farms and producers who meet science-based, independent metrics helping ensure their animals are humanely treated.

American Humane understands people will make personal choices about their diet but believes no one has the right to treat animals raised for food inhumanely. Every animal in the care of humans should be provided an environment that allows for development into a physically and psychologically healthy animal. 

All farm animals should have the benefits of being raised with: 

  • Science-based welfare standards that help ensure good housing, food, air quality, heating, cooling, lighting and sufficient space to display natural behaviors, prevent injuries or atrophies and ensure normal growth. 
  • Independent, third-party certification to ensure these science-based standards are being implemented. 
  • Appropriate levels of environmental complexity to prevent harmful deprivation, boredom or aversive stimulation and fear. 
  • Regular daily supervision and effective health care to minimize undetected accidents, injuries or illness and the initiation of prompt assistance. 
  • Humane handling in all stages of their life to avoid unnecessary stress or suffering.