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21 Heroic Dogs Selected to Compete for America’s Highest Canine Honor

June 7, 2022WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – More than 400,000 votes from animal lovers across the country have decided the top 21 semifinalists from a pool of nearly 400 candidates competing in the 2022 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®!

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards is an annual, nationwide competition that searches for and recognizes America’s Hero Dogs – often ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things, whether it’s saving lives on the battlefield, lending sight or hearing to a human companion, or helping people achieve their goals while contributing to their well-being.

“The Hero Dog Awards shines a bright light on man’s best friend and celebrates the strength, hope and beauty that dogs bring to our lives,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane. “Like the voting public, we are captivated by the heartwarming stories of so many of these courageous canines and want to do everything in our power to help ensure they get the recognition they deserve.”

The second round of voting is now open to the public to establish the seven finalists who will be participating in this year’s competition. The public is encouraged to visit between now and July 22 to vote once per day in each of the seven Hero Dog categories.

After voting concludes, the top winner in each category will be honored at the star-studded American Humane Hero Dog Awards gala in Palm Beach on November 11, and one special canine will be honored as this year’s American Hero Dog.

The 2022 Hero Dog Awards categories include: Law Enforcement and Detection Dogs; Service Dogs; Therapy Dogs; Military Dogs; Search and Rescue Dogs; Guide/Hearing Dogs; and Shelter Dogs.

Notable 2022 dates:

  • 2nd Round Voting: June 6 – July 22
  • 3rd Round Voting: August 5 – September 13

Meet the 21 remarkable Hero Dog Awards semifinalists!

Here are brief descriptions, written by the hero dogs’ owners/handlers:

Law Enforcement and Detection Dogs

Jerry Lee (Temple, Georgia) –   K-9 Jerry Lee is my hero and saved my life in the line of duty. Being my working K-9 on April 18th, 2021, at approximately 0230 hours, we responded to help a neighboring agency requesting a track for a suspect who had fled on foot. While tracking for the suspect, my backup officer had fallen behind, and it was just myself and Jerry Lee in the dark woods. Jerry Lee tracked and found the suspect hiding in the woods, and when we attempted to apprehend the suspect, he fired his weapon, striking Jerry Lee in his front left leg. Jerry took a bullet meant for me due to me being right behind Jerry during the attempted apprehension. I grabbed Jerry and drug him to cover until backup arrived so that I could get him to the hospital. Jerry traded his safety and front leg for my life, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Since that dreadful night, Jerry has touched the lives of many with his act of heroism and loving go-lucky attitude. Everyone who meets him and hears his story falls in love with him, and he continues to bring joy to many lives. He is still currently an active K-9 with my agency with a new role of bringing awareness to K-9s and the danger they face while in active duty. He also continues to help other K-9’s in need by working with a non-profit that specializes in assisting active and retired K-9s.

K-9 Jerry Lee saved many officers and citizens’ lives on that night with his actions, myself and many others will forever be grateful to him.

K9 Riggs (Kenosha, Wisconsin) – On 10-21-21 at about 1116 hours, Kenosha Sheriff’s Department (KSD) Deputies were dispatched to the Benson Corners Shell gas station in an attempt to locate a stolen vehicle where the operator was involved in two homicides in the Chicago area.

Deputies located the vehicle and attempted to make contact with the operator. A high-risk traffic stop was conducted, and the suspect fled from the vehicle on foot. KSD K9 Riggs was on scene with his handler Deputy Terry Tifft. Deputy Tifft deployed K9 Riggs who apprehended the suspect within seconds. The suspect was ultimately taken into custody, but unfortunately, K9 Riggs was shot by the suspect point-blank in the forehead with the bullet exiting below K9 Riggs right ear.

K9 Riggs was transported to a level one trauma center and miraculously survived.

K9 Riggs performed an act of courage, valor, and bravery that day. K9 Riggs saved the lives of the public as well as Deputies on scene. K9 Riggs was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart for his actions during this incident. K9 Riggs thankfully made a full recovery and is back to work as a K9 with the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department.

Bane (Opelika, Alabama) – On 01/11/2022, Detective Taylor attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a van driven by the suspect, who had two confirmed outstanding felony probation warrants through the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect proceeded to flee from detectives, reaching speeds of 90 mph and barely avoiding other motorists. After a short pursuit, the suspect fled on foot. Detective Taylor began giving the suspect verbal warnings, letting him know that he would release his canine if he did not surrender.

The suspect continued to flee on foot, so Taylor deployed his K9 partner, Bane, from his unit. Bane was able to apprehend the suspect, however, the suspect placed Bane in a headlock & began striking him in the ribs. After detectives were able to successfully detain the suspect, they discovered he had pulled a pistol from his jacket when he fled the vehicle.

During Bane’s apprehension, the suspect dropped the pistol, which was located a short distance away. Detectives searched the suspect’s vehicle and located numerous controlled substances. K9 Bane and his handler received Meritorious Service Awards for their actions in safely apprehending a violent felon. Without the deployment of K9 Bane, the suspect admitted he would have shot at officers which could have resulted in injuries or loss of life.

Service Dogs

Recon (Suffolk, Virginia) – Recon has been a life-changer for me. He is an amazing partner and helps me get through the day, every day. Prior to Recon, my life was a mess.

I struggled every day with pain and tasks that most people don’t think about. My injuries incurred from many years as a Bomb Squad Technician has taken a toll on me. My TBI (traumatic brain injury) caused by years of repeated concussions from bomb blast waves has made me unstable. When I drop items, I must lean against a wall to brace myself to pick them up. Along with the physical toll is the psychological impact – I am not the same person everyone knew. The effect on me is tremendously demoralizing.

With Recon, everything has been better. He picks up dropped items and braces himself for me to lean on to regain my balance. Recon has improved my mobility and stability, helped me regain my sense of purpose, and he is an incredible companion. People who have known me for a long time tell me, “It’s great to see the ole Bobby again!”

In August 2021, Recon and I participated in a 5K virtual event by hiking a trail in the New River Gorge National Park. I fell and became stuck between some rocks. I was injured and unable to free myself. I knew the only way I was going to get freed was to send Recon for help. I was afraid but, I also trusted Recon. I gave him the command to “Go Get Help” and he took off. In a short time, I heard a voice say “I have your dog. Are you hurt?” I truly believe Recon saved my life that day.

Sherman Gepherd (Moses Lake, Washington) – Sherman Gepherd is my lifesaver. I am a DUI Crash Victim/Survivor and I live with PTSD. Two and a half years after my crash, I got Sherman and immediately began training him with the help of professionals. He changed my life! When I have flashbacks, he’s there. When I have to pull the car over because I’m having a panic attack, he’s there. When I speak about my story, he’s there. His mind is always working, figuring out how to make my life wonderful. I can’t put into words just how loving he is. I have no doubt that he would give his life for me.

As he grew, I noticed his right front leg was curved. He had Carpal Valgus Limb Deformity. I took him to Washington State University Veterinary Hospital and they did reconstructive surgery. That ended up failing, so his leg was amputated. I momentarily considered retiring him, but he bounced back to his normal self within days. He was ready to go back to work. He doesn’t do any physical work, he just uses his mind and his heart so I kept him working. Being a TriPawd never slowed him down one bit! He will always be my American Humane Hero Dog!

Moxie (Ballwin, Missouri) – Moxie has truly saved my life, and I don’t say that lightly. She has allowed me to gain my independence back as my health plummeted and brought a light into my life when it was incredibly dark. She helps me tremendously with the physical challenges I have, but also brings a joy and purpose to my life that I never thought I would experience again. She is a hero to me in every sense of the word and I am so thankful for her.

Due to that thankfulness, as a team, we are on a mission to make a difference. Moxie is pictured with a bandana that says Moxie’s Mission, which is the name of our nonprofit we started to fully fund service dogs for Veterans and non-Veterans to pay it forward. In the past three years, we have raised enough money to fully fund two services dogs and are currently working on our third.

Moxie’s Mission is also publishing our first children’s book, starring Moxie, to help educate and bring awareness surrounding support dogs. Traveling to schools, girl scout groups, and many other groups, I talk about what service dogs are, how to interact with them, different jobs they do, the differences between all emotional, therapy, and service dogs, as well as give time for them to see Moxie in action as she works. Moxie helps me primarily, but also helps so many others as we continue our mission of making a difference. She is Moxie’s Mission and so deserving of this award. She gave me my life back and is a true hero.

Therapy Dogs

Cole The Deaf Dog (Millville, New Jersey) – I may be deaf, but I am helping people hear my message: a disability is not an inability, it’s a superpower! As a certified therapy dog, I work alongside my music teacher dad each day in a NJ elementary school, where I teach acceptance to students and how it’s OK to be different. No one wanted to adopt me because I was labeled special needs and I have even been called broken because my ears don’t work. I’ve made it my life’s mission to change people’s minds about seeing the ability within special needs.

I have started my own non-profit organization this year; the Cole the Deaf Dog & Friends Foundation, where I perform free school and community assembly programs across our region. I take my life journey, including special needs and breed discrimination, and turn them into life lessons that inspire others to change the way the world thinks of those with disabilities.

Outside of my daily work at school, I am the mascot of the NJ Veterans Memorial Home where I have earned the Presidential Silver Service Award for over 600 volunteer hours. Believe it or not, I’m even an avid bowler with the residents! I am a hospice therapy dog companion and look forward to my third annual Kindness Tour, where I spend a week in the summer visiting multiple facilities across the state each day. I’d like to dedicate this step of my journey to all those pups and people who have been overlooked because they were born a little different. I will help the world see the able rather than the label.

Denali (Palm Harbor, Florida) – Denali’s body bares the scars and tells a story of domestic violence. Doused in accelerant, locked in a crate, and trapped in a fire intentionally set by her former owner, Denali spent 17 days in the ICU fighting for her life as burns continued to grow. She endured bandage changes and debriding surgeries daily to remove necrotic tissue.

Denali became a symbol of strength and hope to those in Tampa Bay and around the world. Denali is a HERO because she teaches forgiveness, strength, and the resilience to overcome and does it with a silly spirit and a smile in her heart. She continues to be an ambassador of hope and kindness, bringing awareness to animal cruelty and domestic violence.

Denali became a certified therapy dog and visits schools and St Pete/Clearwater International Airport easing traveler’s anxieties. The most inspiring role Denali has is to bring comfort to other survivors of domestic violence, visiting a safe house weekly where guests/survivors learn to smile again, share their stories and begin to believe in hope beyond the abuse. Denali’s story and her joyous demeanor bring an understanding of what is possible; seeing her kindness they find a kindred spirit in her eyes.

Denali is a domestic abuse and burn survivor, a resilient spirit that overcame insurmountable odds after suffering from 3rd degree chemical burns over 35 percent of her body. Her physical scars are a reminder of her strength, bravery, kindness and serve as beacon of hope to those around her.

Maverick (St. Robert, Missouri) – Maverick was born with a purpose, to lift the spirits of our American troops and their family members with his work with the USO. He is a five-year-old Great Dane, weighing in at 200 lbs., which is the perfect weight for one who at times must bear the weight of our nation’s heroes’ traumas, emotions and injuries.

Since becoming a certified therapy dog in 2018, he has spent his time escorting military children to the burial sites of their fallen family member, acting as their rock during a difficult time. At times you will find him on the podium in the courtroom, standing beside children as they testify in court, reminding them that they are courageous enough to speak up against their abusers. Maverick also loves to spend time in the schools, where he acts as an attentive pair of ears for children as they practice their reading skills.

When not working with military family members, you will find him working within the ranks of our military. He stands by their side, being their stability support as they learn to walk again. Maverick has the uncanny ability to read emotions, allowing him to lend a gentle paw to our service members on suicide watch, showing them the meaning of unconditional love, helping guide them out of the darkness. Maverick is there for our troops and their families in the hardest of times, to the happiest of times, he is their hero, making him the perfect nominee to become the next American Humane Hero Dog, following in the pawprints of those before him.

Military Dogs

Chickel (Seymour Johnson, North Carolina) – Chickel is the definition of a hero. Not only has he protected me from multiple individuals trying to harm myself, but he has protected prior handlers far before me for nine years.

Many people know these dogs do not get asked if they want to join but get forced into it. Chickel had no choice but still chose to protect the handlers he loved. I have been told from multiple prior handlers that if it was not for Chickel being there for them, they don’t know how they would have made it. He has protected on and off duty with nothing in return. He deserves far more than anyone could ever give him for what he has done. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and am proud of the hero he became.

RRobiek R883 (Fort Eustis, Virginia) – MWD(R) Patrol Explosive Detector Dog RRobiek “Robi” served with the US Army at Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall, 947th Military Police Detachment “Old Guard” his entire career from 2011 until his retirement in 2019 following injuries sustained during training. RRobiek was deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom with SSG(R) Holley, Matthew 2013 until 2014. Upon return he was transferred to SSG Ogin, Charles in 2014 with whom he worked with until retirement. SSG Ogin and MWD RRobiek provided Secret Service, Congressional, Army 10 Miler and VIP support in the National Capital Region. In 2016, MWD travelled with President Obama to Nairobi Kenya to provide security assistance. RRobieks final deployment was to Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Syria 2016-2017. In 2018, RRobiek was injured during training and required extensive surgery at Lackland AFB in San Antonio TX. In 2019, RRobiek was officially retired and returned to his handler, SSG Ogin who was assigned to recruiting duty in Kissimmee, FL in 2019. Adoption and transportation was facilitated by American Humane.

Now RRobiek with his missing toe, missing teeth and rebuilt leg spends his days with SFC Ogin’s 6-year-old daughter with whom he is inseparable from, his wife and two Jack Russell’s at Fort Eustis, VA.

Iiken M090 (Casa Grande, Arizona) – Iiken is a 15-year-old black Labrador trained as an SSD (Specialized Search Dog) in the Military. Being born in 2006 to be in the puppy program at Lackland Air Force Base, working is all he knew. He was originally assigned in an Army unit and later was deployed to Afghanistan. Halfway through his tour, the vehicle he was riding in ran over an IED. Iiken was wounded and sent back to Lackland AFB for surgery and rehab. He was deemed fit for duty and put back in service where he was assigned to the Marine Corp.

While in the Marine Corp, Iiken was deployed all over the world protecting his country. He also deployed again to Afghanistan. Iiken has saved countless lives during his honorable service to our country. Iiken also competed and placed 2nd in Detection and Explosives in an MWD competition in Missouri and was also deployed twice for POTUS missions.

Since Iiken’s retirement in 2016, he has continued to serve his community. He has been invited to attend the Florence Arizona National Guard, attended the local Stand Down (only War Dog to be enrolled), honored twice in the Veterans Day Parade, interviewed twice by the local NBC Channel 12 news station, appeared in the National Veteran’s Magazine, and interviewed three times by the local newspaper.

Iiken is quite the celebrity in his hometown of Casa Grande, AZ and has become an amazing advocate for medical benefits for the retired Military Working Dog. Iiken is a true Hero.

Search and Rescue Dogs

Keb (Edmonds, Washington) – Keb is my second search and rescue dog. As a puppy, she was quite a handful. She had unending energy, and she was fearless and willing to take on everything she was asked to do—full speed ahead. Keb began her training as an air scent dog finding live victims right away and shortly thereafter started training as a dual-purpose human remains detections dog (HRD). She was an eager, quick learner! Within a few years, we had certified in multiple SAR disciplines, including Wilderness Air Scent and Human Remains Detection, as well as Avalanche Rescue and First Responder Disaster.

Keb is still actively deploying though she is approaching the end of her SAR career. We have deployed on over 100 missions together and deployed two weeks over a month-long period in one of the largest disasters in Washington State: the OSO Landslide which claimed 43 lives, three of which Keb was responsible for finding. We’ve searched for the lost on high snowfields of Mount Rainier and found bones that helped solve decades-old crimes. We’ve searched for clandestine graves of murder victims. We’ve been called upon to volunteer our services in the dark, the wet, the snow, and cold in the rainforests and rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve searched in urban areas with homeless camps, drug needles, and thick blackberry bushes, and even as far away as Scandinavia where Keb had a find which solved an 18-month-old mystery.

Keb has helped me become a better version of myself.

Loki (Wayzata, Minnesota) – Hi, my name is Sgt. Gehrman with the Wayzata Police Department. I was encouraged to nominate K9 Loki for the Hero Dog Awards. Loki is an almost 2-year-old Belgian Malinois certified in Tracking/Trailing with L.E.T.S Inc. Loki is also CGC certified through AKC. Loki and I volunteer with a search and rescue group, MinnSarda (Minnesota Search and Rescue Dog Association). Our group is called out on a volunteer basis by law enforcement to assist in locating missing individuals or for human remains location.

Over the past year, I have been working on a proposal to start a K9 unit for the City of Wayzata. The proposal passed with overwhelming support and has been laid out into two phases. Phase one will be the implementation of Loki into active-duty patrol to assist in the locating of missing persons. Loki will be the first active-duty patrol SAR dog in any department in the state of Minnesota. Phase two, set for later this year, will bring on a duty dual purpose K9 to the city of Wayzata as well.

Loki is one of the best dogs to ever come through the certification process, regardless of age. I attribute Loki’s success to natural talent, unlike any I’ve seen in the world of K9’s, and a drive to overcome any obstacle in his way to complete the job. It is truly an honor to be able to work with a dog of his caliber and use his talents to save human lives. Thank you for your consideration.

Lincoln (Seattle, Washington) – Lincoln is a five-year-old flat-coated retriever with national certifications in wilderness air scent and human remains detection. Volunteering with the Sheriff’s Office as a member of King County Search Dogs, Lincoln has deployed throughout Washington State on urban, water, forest, and alpine searches from the shores of Puget Sound to the crest of the Cascade Mountains.

“Search” is Lincoln’s favorite game! With boundless enthusiasm and his tongue inevitably hanging out, Lincoln loves to charge through fern covered woodlands and has covered as many as 26 miles in a day on search missions in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. With a keen nose Lincoln often finds training subjects hidden 300 yards away, greeting them with happy face licks before returning to excitedly announce the find to his handler.

Lincoln was destined from birth to help save lives. Not breathing when first born, Lincoln was saved by a ‘kiss of life’ by a quick-thinking helper who is honored in his formal name: ‘Swiftwater Jude’s Phoenix’. Lincoln has started to pay back the community for his gift. Last year he was deployed as part of a King County Search and Rescue late night call out to search for a missing 87-year-old in a Seattle suburb. At 2:30 a.m., after working less than 15 minutes, Lincoln found the subject who was reunited with their family.

Search dogs save lives, and it makes every minute of the hundreds of annual training hours more than worthwhile.

Guide/Hearing Dogs

Charlie (Walnut Creek, California) – I was born profoundly deaf and I wear an implant. I never realized how much I was missing out on until I got Charlie when he was 3 weeks old. He was found and brought to me. As soon as he was 8 weeks, I decided to train him as my service dog. I picked up every book I could find and watched YouTube videos and learned as much as I could. I spent the first year of his life training him.

Today, at 6 years old, Charlie has gone above and beyond my expectations. The most noted achievement was 2 years ago when he saved my life from a 3-alarm house fire. I trained Charlie for competition in rally obedience and Fast CAT.

Charlie knows 40 verbal commands. Some in American Sign Language, and some in German. He has also learned to read some words. I also trained him to track and locate feral kittens that were in distress/trapped behind walls. He has helped me rescue and rehabilitate over 40 kittens.

He is so easy going, very playful and gets along with everyone. He is my constant companion and my best friend.

Yukon (Tucson, Arizona) – My journey with this hero began February 12, 2018. It was on that day I was partnered with my first guide dog, “Yukon,” a handsome yellow Labrador from Guide Dogs for the Blind. As we trained together, I was amazed at how he would alert me to curbs, steps, elevation changes, hanging branches, lifts in the sidewalk and so much more. We hike, travel, explore, play, shop, cuddle and hang out together. Unlike a cane, this handsome soul has not only brought renewed independence and joy to my life but has done so with enduring love and loyalty. The bond between us is inseparable and immense. He is my eyes, my partner, my therapist, my BFF, my joy and my world! Yukon is indeed my hero.

Kinley (Austin, Texas) – Things couldn’t have been better. I was 21, had a part-time job, my first apartment, and was starting to break out of my shell and make friends. I had also applied to finally receive my first guide dog, a dream and goal I’d had since I’d met one at the age of nine.

Then . . . everything came crashing down around me. I’d been sexually assaulted by someone I’d considered a close friend. I no longer felt safe in my apartment, and my day-to-day life became little more than flashbacks and anxiety. I had also spent a day in the hospital, where I miscarried from the assault in question.

The call came when I was desperate for any hope, just 2 days after going to the ER: my application for a guide was accepted.

Training with Kinley was one of the hardest things I’d done, but it was also one of the most life changing. Kinley hasn’t just helped me by guiding me from point A to point B, as is his proper job description. He has been my sunshine, the ray of hope I’ve clung onto through everything. He has remained by my side through PTSD, anxiety, self-doubt, homelessness, and the discovery of who I am as a young woman after a life of chronic trauma and hardship. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the courage to venture into the unknown, to believe in myself, or to do what is right for both of us. Kinley is bright, curious, sensitive, loving, tenacious, and everything I could have asked for in my first guide. Kinley truly is my hero dog. Thank you for all you do, buddy, in and out of harness.

Shelter Dogs

Ethan (Jeffersonville, Indiana) – Ethan was dumped in a parking lot on a cold January day in 2021. He was actively dying. He only weighed 38lbs. He should’ve been over 80lbs. He was rushed to vet care. He couldn’t lift his head to eat or drink on his own and didn’t take his first steps for six days. With each day, though, he kept fighting to stay alive. He had an unimaginable determination to keep persevering through seemingly insurmountable odds. His incredible will to live inspired thousands of people around the world that had begun following his story.

I first saw Ethan the day he was found and formed a bond with him by coming in at night to take care of him. Soon, I officially adopted him. Over the past year, Ethan has brought attention and recognition to shelters and animals all over the country through his story. His journey has inspired people that have never met him to send me letters and emails detailing how his battle to keep living inspired them to overcome some incredible odds in their lives. I take him everywhere I go, and he instantly puts a smile on people’s faces as soon as they see him. The happiness that he brings to people has been a life changing thing for me. He has taught me to always look at things from others’ perspectives. Now Ethan comes to work with me every day and spends his time encouraging other animals that are facing their own medical problems. He has helped so many animals and people over the last year but at his heart Ethan is a shelter dog and a rescue. He rescues me every single day.

Jake (Ladson, South Carolina) – This is my boy Jake. What I think makes him a hero are the odds he beat as a three-week-old puppy. I am a Firefighter and rescued Jake from a burning shed. Jake survived conditions that most living beings could not. He was burned over 75 percent of his body as well as his four paws. I saved Jake again when I learned his original family abandoned him at the Veterinarians office. Jake was coming to work with me at the station while he recovered, and everyone fell in love with him. The city I work for swore him in as an Honorary Firefighter and our official mascot. Jake went to the schools with us during fire prevention week to help us spread the word. Jake rode on the trucks with us to calls and lounged around the station and awaited our return. Jake spent almost three years being a great ambassador for his breed and bringing joy to those he met. Jake has since retired from going to the station and riding on the trucks, but he still advocates for the “Bully Breed.” Jake is proof that just because you had a rough beginning or have scars you are not bad or damaged. Jake has taken everything that life could throw at him and has handled it with ease, broken barriers and brought light to his breed and just how loving and loyal his breed is. This is why I feel Jake deserves to be the next American Hero Dog.

Jeffrey (Milford, Connecticut) – Jeffrey is a shining example of the hidden gems waiting in shelters across the country. Rescued from the Manhattan Animal Care & Control, euthanasia list in 2010, he now lives a wonderful life as a treasured family dog, a champion competitor, and a therapy dog. An ambassador for those still in danger, he demonstrates that shelter dogs, given a chance, can achieve anything possible! Jeffrey advocates by example. In 2017, he began competing in the mainstream sport of Rally Obedience.

In 2019, he became the first Pit Bull in history to earn World Cynosport Rally’s highest achievement, the Rally Master Champion title, ARCH-MX!

In 2020, Jeffrey ranked #1 in the ARCH-MX division and #5 in the USA!

In 2021, he ranked #2 OVERALL in the USA!

Trained force free, Jeffrey has earned 9 Top 10 rankings and holds nearly 60 titles in 3 different dog sports! Working as a complex rated Pet Partners therapy dog since 2012, he has served countless hours offering a comforting shoulder to lean on or a playful wag to make you smile. Beloved by our community, he’s in high demand for visits.

Therapy dog ✓ Obedience Champion ✓ but he didn’t stop there!

Each December, to honor our community affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy, we host Jeffrey’s Joy of Giving Donation Drive. Over 10 years, we’ve collected 2 tons of pet food, 1 ton in food items, 150 coats, and nearly $7K in monetary donations. At 13 years old, he may be a senior but Jeffrey still shares an important message. Shelter Dogs Rock!


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