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American Humane CEO Robin R. Ganzert’s New Book: Mission Metamorphosis Available Now

October 20, 2020Mission Metamorphosis, the new book from Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane, is now available at bookstores across the country. The book tells the dramatic and inspiring story of rebirth and renewal at American Humane, the country’s first national animal welfare organization.

“For animal lovers and animal defenders, Mission Metamorphosis is your story,” said Dr. Ganzert. “It is the story of doing right by the animals with whom we share the world, saving those in harm’s way and laying the foundations for a more humane future.”

Mission Metamorphosis serves as both a 10-year retrospective of Dr. Ganzert’s time at American Humane and a how-to guide for business leaders interested in achieving programmatic success. When Dr. Ganzert assumed her current role, the storied and influential non-profit faced significant headwinds. Despite more than a century of good works, the country’s first and foremost national humane organization was left reeling by the Great Recession and a dangerous loss of leadership focus.

By focusing on the mission – saving animals whenever and wherever they are in need – and allowing everything to flow from that goal, Dr. Ganzert set American Humane on course for another century of lifechanging work.

During the past 10 years, American Humane expanded its humane reach by 2,000 percent, increasing the number of animals being saved, sheltered, fed and protected from 50 million a year to 1 billion. The historic non-profit celebrated its 140th anniversary and just this year released its first-ever documentary, Escape from Extinction, narrated by Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren. The film is a breathtaking and stirring look at the vital conservation work being done by the world’s leading zoological organizations.  Just this Monday, American Humane celebrated the 10th Annual Hero Dog Awards on Hallmark Channel, a nationwide competition that recognizes the best of our best friends.

All of the programmatic success has been done the right way. In FY 2020, American Humane improved the lives of some 1 billion animals around the world while bringing in more than $54 million in support and revenue. For every dollar spent, 91 cents goes directly into lifesaving and lifechanging programs, earning a Four-Star rating from Charity Navigator. The fiscal and brand rescue that Dr. Ganzert performed has been a resounding success and the lessons gleaned from it are contained in the pages of Mission Metamorphosis.

Mission Metamorphosis is published through Fast Company Press and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or your local bookstore.

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