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American Humane Presents Oak Creek Zoological Conservatory with Feed the Hungry Grant

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, March 5, 2021American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, today announced that Oak Creek Zoological Conservatory received a grant from American Humane’s Feed the Hungry COVID-19 fund. Oak Creek Zoological Conservatory, located in Madisonville, Texas, provides forever homes to displaced and surrendered animals

“Animals have a special place in my heart, and I am saddened to see so many being abandoned and left hungry as a result of this sweeping COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jean Shafiroff, national spokesperson for American Humane’s Feed the Hungry campaign and renowned philanthropist. “We must ensure that rescue organizations have the basic resources necessary to care for these defenseless animals who are in dire need of a forever home.”

Like every other business or organization in America, rescues and shelters are struggling to maintain basic services and care for their animal residents in the face of the current worldwide pandemic. Thousands of animals are being left without homes and facilities are in desperate need of general supplies. Detrimental natural disasters further heightened the situation. In response to the overwhelming number of calls received from animal rescuers, shelters and first responders, American Humane launched the Feed the Hungry COVID-19 fund to feed and care for animals who have been abandoned during the coronavirus crisis. The fund seeks to raise much-needed resources to help shelters and rescue organizations that are not only struggling to keep the lights on, but also to keep critical supplies like food stocked.

Oak Creek Zoological Conservatory works with Texas Parks and Wildlife to provide homes to non-releasable wildlife from rehabilitation facilities. These are often protected animals that are imprinted by humans or are not able to return to the wild because of an injury. These exotic animals and wildlife are not meant to be kept as pets. Often times, the animals come from the exotic pet trade after owners can no longer provide care to the animals. Oak Creek Zoological Conservatory ensures that the animals have a forever home and a place to live out the rest of their lives. The Feed the Hungry COVID19 grant will be used to provide the best diets, enrichment, veterinary care and habitats for the animals that call the facility home.

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