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American Humane Presents Standish Humane Society with Feed the Hungry Grant

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, June 23, 2020American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, today announced that Standish Humane Society received a grant from American Humane’s Feed the Hungry fund. Located in Duxbury, Massachusetts, Standish Humane Society speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

“I wanted to share a great big thank you for your donation to Standish Humane Society,” said Joyce Keyes, board member for Standish Humane Society. “During the COVID pandemic, we were very lucky and fortunate to have companies like yourself, who promote animal welfare and animal rescue, make monetary donations to us. With your funding, we were able to support foster homes… in order to go through the pandemic and continue to help animals we had to set up thousands of foster homes across the United States, and on the south shore here in Massachusetts, we had to triple the number of foster homes that we needed in order to get our shelter pets out of the shelter and into safe foster homes. Those foster homes needed everything from cages, blankets, linens, cat towers, wet food, dry food for daily supplies, and ultimately, they will need veterinary care including spay and neuters and all their Massachusetts state-required vaccinations. Thank you for helping us help all of those animals.”

Standish Humane Society rescues cats and works to decrease the number of stray cats in Massachusetts. The shelter offers a reduced cost spay and neuter program for owners that qualify for financial assistance, and ensures every cat adopted from its shelter is spayed or neutered. Standish has several volunteers in many neighboring towns who work with the stray and feral cats in their area. Cats are trapped, neutered and returned back to their outdoor home, where volunteers continue to provide food and shelter or if the cat is a friendly stray, the team works to find a home for adoption. Standish also has a feral kitten socialization program where kittens who have been weaned from their feral mother are trapped and brought into the shelter, where they learn to trust humans. Standish Humane Society finds homes for nearly 400 homeless and abandoned animals each year. The Feed the Hungry fund will allow the shelter to continue its lifesaving work for the cats and kittens they take in.

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