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Celebrate Earth Day by Supporting Outstanding Zoos and Aquariums

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, April 19, 2021 — American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, is encouraging families to celebrate Earth Day by supporting outstanding zoos and aquariums doing the necessary work of preserving and conserving our world’s valuable species for future generations.

“Our planet is at a pivotal moment, with unique, irreplaceable species around the world in danger of extinction due to human activity,” said Robin Ganzert, Ph.D., president & CEO of American Humane. “The best zoos and aquariums are on the front lines of the conservation movement, studying, protecting and fighting for endangered species. Families can fight for the preservation of Earth’s biodiversity by supporting their local zoological institutions.”

This year, Earth Day will be celebrated around the world from April 20-22. Organizers are seeking to spread climate literacy and inform the public of the existential threat that is climate change.

There is broad scientific consensus that climate change threatens life on every continent and in each ocean. According to the most recent, comprehensive report on climate change and biodiversity from the United Nations, there has been at least a 20 percent decline since 1990 in the abundance of native species in most major environments. Nearly half – 47 percent – of flightless mammals that live on land have been negatively impacted by climate change, seeing their environments vanish and chances for survival dim.

Outstanding zoos and aquariums offer a lifeline to animals in need. The lauded Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, for example, has been essential in the effort to save Mexican wolves. Just a decade ago, barely more than 100 animals remained in the wild. Today, their population has more than quadrupled. Thanks to cross-fostering efforts, 20 wolf pups were introduced into wild dens in the last year along.

The Brookfield Zoo is one of more than 60 zoological institutions certified by American Humane for their outstanding care of animals. The Humane CertifiedTM program was launched to give visitors third-party assurance that the zoos and aquariums they visit meet the highest standards of animal care.

“To fight for the future of animal life on Earth, we must support the excellent zoos and aquariums that marshal their resources and expertise in defense of endangered species,” said Dr. Ganzert. “On Earth Day, everyone can help at-risk animals by safely supporting Humane CertifiedTM zoos and aquariums.”

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