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Certification Notice

September 26, 2016 — American Humane announced today that it is denying its “No Animals Were Harmed®” end-credit certification to the film, “The Solutrean.”

The organization came to this decision after a comprehensive investigation into allegations that an animal wrangler hired by the production company violated our standards and guiding principles, which absolutely and definitively prohibit the killing or injuring of any animal for the sake of a film production.
American Humane hired an expert, independent, third-party investigator, who determined that although the production company went out of its way to follow our standards so that no animal would be harmed for the purposes of making a movie, the wrangler, contrary to our policies, arranged to have bison killed for the film – a clear violation of our guidelines and something we cannot and will not tolerate.

No animal should ever be killed or injured for the purposes of a film. Therefore, we are categorically denying “The Solutrean” our certification.

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