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Organic West Milk Recognized for Animal Welfare by American Humane

RIPON, CALIFORNIA, July 22, 2021 — American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, certified Organic West Milk for their outstanding commitment to animal welfare. American Humane CertifiedTM status, a third-party verification of animal welfare, is only conferred after a farm has undergone an extensive and independent auditing process.

“Organic West Milk’s admirable work providing excellent living conditions for their dairy cows is worthy of applause,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president & CEO of American Humane. “Becoming American Humane CertifiedTM requires farmers to open up their operations and procedures to independent judgement and review, and Organic West Milk has proven their commitment to animal welfare.”

Founded in 1877, American Humane is the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare. The American Humane farm program is in its 21st year of operation and today improves the lives of nearly one billion farm animals every year.

“Programs such as American Humane CertifiedTM provide standards for our farms to follow and resources to ensure employees are trained and animals are provided the best care possible. American Humane brings third-party auditors onsite to ensure our farms are living up to the consumer’s standard of effective and ethical care for animals, their land and their employees so we can provide the safest milk supply to consumers.” said Lia Van Egmond, Quality and Field Manager for Organic West Milk.

American Humane’s stringent standards for farm animals are species-specific and drawn up in collaboration with an independent Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of leading experts in the fields of agriculture, animal behavior and ethics.

As consumer demand for humanely raised products has risen, the nation’s farmers and ranchers have responded to the call. More than 90 percent of adults surveyed by American Humane reported being “very concerned” about farm animal welfare. Ten of the nation’s top 12 grocery retailers now carry products that are American Humane CertifiedTM, according to an American Humane analysis.

“Producers like Organic West Milk are leading the charge in providing verifiably humane options to ethically minded consumers,” said Dr. Ganzert.

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