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Strong Arms To Lend Support To The Armed Forces


Thousands of local sports fans and patriots will be converging on Billy Bob’s Texas this Saturday to see some of the world’s strongest arms supporting our Armed Forces. Armwrestle Mania Presents… Last Man Standing is not only the top arm wrestling contest of its kind, but will honor America’s troops by supporting American Humane’s military programs helping active-duty service members, veterans, their families, and military animals. 

This Ultimate Arm Wrestling League professionally sanctioned competition is expected to draw more than 1,000 people and will air on CBS in a 22-minute format similar to ESPN’S Wide World of Sports. With top-notch production value, quality storytelling and celebrity cameos, “Last Man Standing” will elevate arm wrestling to the minds of the nation’s sports fans. It will not only be a visual spectacle, but it will showcase its competitors in a full narrative, as protagonists on their own hard-fought journey to the top of the invitational – heroes with a life, a family, and everything on the line.

The competition will feature four men’s weight classes, a women’s weight class, and the signature “Last Man Standing” event, with the four men’s class champions pitted against one another until only one remains. Weight class winners receive $10,000 in prize money while the overall “Last Man Standing” will pocket an additional $25,000. Amateur arm wrestlers are invited to take part in a special event called “Challenge the Champion” where they can take on a professional arm wrestling champion, and will win $10,000 if they defeat the champion.The event will take place Saturday April 2nd from noon-5:00 pm at Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest and most popular honky talk, and will be taped for broadcast on CBS in May. It is free to the public. 

The strong arms of the wrestlers will not be the only armed forces featured on Saturday – Armwrestlemania  will also serve to draw awareness to American Humane’s K-9 Battle Buddies program, which has lifesaving programs to benefit both active-duty and veteran military working dog teams. The organization’s K-9 Battle Buddies ambassadors, retired Marines Corporal Jeff DeYoung and Military Working Dog Cena, will be in attendance as the competition’s honored guests.


American Humane is the country’s first national humane organization, celebrating 100 years of working with the U.S. military. The organization helps military K-9 teams on and off the battlefield, facilitating reunions of military dogs and handlers, sending vitally needed care packages to active duty military dog teams, helping children of military families with animal therapy and providing veterinary care for retired war dogs. Learn 

Corporal Jeff DeYoung, USMC (Ret.) and MWD Cena served together in the United States Marine Corps and served one tour of duty together from October 2009 to April 2010 as part of Operation Moshtarak, the largest military operation in Afghanistan at the time. Cena served a total of four years in the military, and was separated from Corporal DeYoung for four years, one month, and eight days. They had a tearful reunion on June 5, 2014 with help from American Humane and the pair now lives in Muskegon, Michigan and travel the country as ambassadors of the K-9 Battle Buddies program. “He’s not my best friend. He’s my brother,” said DeYoung, referring to his deployment with Cena.

Corporal DeYoung and Cena accompanied American Humane to Capitol Hill in spring of 2015 to visit with members of Congress, Senators, and their staff about the importance of bringing home and reuniting all K-9 Battle Buddy teams. Thanks in large part to Corporal DeYoung’s impassioned testimony, language advocated by American Humane that guarantees a ride home and retirement on U.S. soil for all military working dogs and gives their former human handlers the first rights at adoption was included in the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed with bipartisan support by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama on November 25, 2015.

Bill Goldberg, the event’s host, best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE); most notable is his lengthy undefeated streak (173-0) in singles competition.

Bruce Buffer, the event’s announcer, is also the Official Octagon Announcer for UFC events.

Tito Ortiz, UFC Champion and Hall of Famer

Josh Barnett, UFC Heavyweight contender

Johny Hendricks, UFC Welterweight/Former UFC World Champion

4 Horsemen, female MMA fighters

Jacob “Stitch” Duran, professional cut man who works in boxing and mixed martial arts fights and co-star of “Creed”


America’s brave military working dogs eat, sleep and fight with their human handlers and forge a bond that cannot easily be broken. These teams each save an estimated 150-200 service members both on and off the battlefield and it is our duty to support these K-9 Battle Buddy teams and the service and family members who sacrifice so much to keep America safe. 

Armwrestlemania is only the beginning. With thrilling storytelling, celebrity cameos, and cutting edge slo-mo cameras, this event will revolutionize the sport of arm wrestling to eke every bit of drama in the seconds it takes to crown the Last Man Standing


Billy Bob’s Texas — April 2 from 12:00-5:00 pm

2520 Rodeo Plaza

Fort Worth, TX  76164



Corporal DeYoung to be introduced between 2:30-3:00 pm – interviews available

America's two and four legged veterans served us - now let's serve them.