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The Cat Really Did That?

Chicken Soup for the Soul wows with heroic, heartwarming and hilarious stories as it supports American Humane with royalties from its new book


The cat really did that? How often have you said that? You’ll nod your head in recognition when you read these stories of magical moments, miracles, and a bit of mischief, too. From cats who save lives to cats with nine lives—from cats who repair families to cats who wreck houses—from cats who crack us up to cats who act like therapists—you’ll see your own cat with new appreciation for his or her unique skills and intuition.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That? (Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC; Amy Newmark; foreword by Dr. Robin Ganzert; August 8, 2017, 978-1-61159-970-1, $14.95) will have cat lovers laughing and commiserating, with its 101 touching, inspiring, and sometimes mindboggling stories about all the heroic, heartwarming, and hilarious things that our cats do!

“Be prepared to fall in love with your cat all over again as you read these stories about our goofy, clever, and absolutely adorable feline friends,” says Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane, who wrote the foreword for the book. Chicken Soup for the Soul is donating royalties from the book to American Humane, along with the royalties from its other new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Really Did That? This is the third pair of books about cats and dogs that Chicken Soup for the Soul has published with royalties earmarked for American Humane. This effort is part of the company’s widespread support for animal shelters and pet adoption, including the donation of Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food and books to shelters across the country.

In keeping with Chicken Soup for the Soul’s support for pet adoption and shelters, the 101 stories chosen for the book from thousands of submissions are not only inspirational and fun, but also feature adopted cats, including black cats and senior cats, the two categories of cats that are often left behind at shelters. It’s part of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s mission to make people think “shelter first” when they’re considering adding a new pet to their families!

101 entertaining stories about amazing cats—and support for a great cause. You can’t go wrong with this new bestseller from Chicken Soup for the Soul—for yourself and for every cat lover on your gift list!

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