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VIDEO: American Humane Saves Hundreds of Animals in Historic Louisiana Flood

American Humane’s renowned animal rescue team rushed to the Baton Rouge on August 20 to help animal victims of the historic flooding, supported by two of the organization’s 50-foot rescue vehicles, which traveled a combined 2,000 miles to the stricken area.

The deployment of the emergency vehicles, a team of seven trained emergency responders, and a veterinarian came at the request of the Humane Society of Louisiana, which assisted the government of hard-hit Livingston Parish, where 75 percent of the homes were reported to be destroyed.

The American Humane team’s mission was to assist and conduct field rescue of animals, provide much-needed care and medical attention, transport animals to the established emergency shelter, and relieve overworked staff at the Humane Society of Louisiana. Conditions were dire.

Over the course of two weeks, American Humane’s emergency responders cared for hundreds of animals, distributed thousands of pounds of pet food and provided hundreds of doses of medication all while working to reunite these pets with their owners.

Watch the video created by CNN highlighting American Humane’s emergency rescue efforts in Louisiana.

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